The baby of our business – residential moving, is a moving type we have no competition for. From the moment we have opened our doors, residential moving has been a constant service in our business. For years, we have only provided house moving services before growing into a business that excels in every other as well. This is why we take house moves extremely personally, seriously and attentively. When you are moving your furniture and your personal items, you are also moving your life. This is something we are well aware about. This can oftentimes cloud your judgement, and keep you from planning your move thoroughly and starting the process on time.

By placing your relocation in the hands of the best LA furniture movers, Alpha Moving Company, you will provide yourself with a lot more time to enjoy the last days in your old home with your family and focus on the new chapter of your life after your relocation. Our thoroughly screened and highly vetted professional movers will make sure that you are provided with a timely moving service during which you will be also saving money – as our moving rates are affordable and competitive. We want to be the reliable local moving service provider you can always lean on worry-free, and we are confident in our skills enough to know that that is more than a possibility.

As we want to provide you with a personalized moving experience during which you and your family won’t have to experience any form of hassle whatsoever – we are more than happy to hear about every single detail that is related to your upcoming house move. Your moving needs will never be overlooked, as we will take each into account and provide you with a tailored moving service that will leave you fully satisfied upon its completion. A smooth and seamless moving experience is only possible with a professional moving company that is fully licensed and insured, as we are.

Alpha Moving Company will take full responsibility for your belongings, their condition from start to finish, and your entire moving experience that should be nothing less than pleasant. We want to provide you with complete moving support, which is exactly why we are open to hearing from you 7 days a week and assisting you in any possible moving situation you may be experiencing trouble with. No matter where you are moving your life to, we will make sure that the trip is smooth and easy for you and your family. We wouldn’t want to provide you with anything less than that.

Give Alpha Moving Company a call today and request a free, non-obligatory moving quote that will surely exceed your moving expectation, and help you realize how affordable easy moving can be. We can’t wait to hear about your move, and start planning it in detail on your behalf.